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10 Logo design trends that will rule the roost in 2016

Flat Design Keeps Trending. Flat design has been a trending logo design technique for years. It’s still here and we’re sure to see more of the same in the year ahead. With a balance between aesthetics and usability, it’s no wonder why flat designs have long been...

10 Amazing Talks about Design that will Blow Your Mind

Get your shot of creative espresso by checking out these amazing talks about design. Sometimes, it’s really easy to lose inspiration and drive. Between the deadlines and hectic schedules – sometimes we find ourselves wayward with our creativity, these design talks...

Don’t believe all you read!

How often have you seen a marketing message that just doesn’t seem right but you’re not sure what the truth is? Kindly, two eagle-eyed Two Sides members reached for their cameras and have asked us to investigate some recent scare messages. Case 1: “It takes 300 litres...

Compostable mushroom based packaging

Mushroom Based Packaging was talked about a few years ago, but Ecovative has really taken this concept to the next level over the past year.  This renewable, natural and home-compostable packaging material is healthy for the planet, and maybe even your packaging...

Welcome to our blog.

Hello and welcome to the Retail Print blog. We will be using our space on the internet to tell you about our projects, news and what's going on around the work place. We enjoy what we do and love the projects we get involved in so hope this shines through in our...

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