10 Logo design trends that will rule the roost in 2016

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Flat Design Keeps Trending.


Flat design has been a trending logo design technique for years. It’s still here and we’re sure to see more of the same in the year ahead. With a balance between aesthetics and usability, it’s no wonder why flat designs have long been ruling all hearts for years. But a blog published at Cleanpix reveals that this trend will grow into something better in the time to come. We expect that flat designs will become even more flat in 2016. But it’s not just that! We’re sure that designers will explore the extremes of creativity by to bring flat logo designs breathe to life. Little extras will be added to the icons, illustrations and even typefaces to bring such flat logos breathe to life in 2016. This will ensure that the logos appear neat and clean especially on the mobile and smartphone devices.

Low Polygon Style Will Rule.


Having originally started from the use of 3d model designing software such as C4D, Maya & 3D studio Max, Low Polygon was written off by experts last year. But Logogarden reveals that low polygon style will is all set to make a comeback in 2016. This style hinges upon using a 3D polygon mesh that has a low polygon count to create an amazing object with simple geometric shapes. The shape can then be further modified with textures to add sophistication and visual appeal to the design. More and more designers are likely to use this famous logo design technique for their logos and icons in 2016.

Negative Space is Still Cool.


Yet another major hit of 2015, negative space is expected to go strong this 2016. An article published at Smashing Magazine reveals that negative space improve the legibility and readability making your logo design look unique to help you create that first killer impression on your clients, customers and even competitors. In addition, this technique lends a unique visual aura to your logo making it memorable. Given these reasons, it’s not too difficult to understand why negative space is so popular. And we are sure that it will be a major win for us in 2016 with more awesome logos created using the negative space technique.

Logotype Is Here to Stay.


Well, this may seem to be a pretty audacious bit of 2016 logo trend predictions, prima facie. But given that logotype is one logo design style that’s self-contained and can dramatically add tremendous brand value, we’re sure that more and more designers will focus on creating logotypes. This unforgettable identity instantly gets etched in consumer’s mind, thus creating instant brand recognition. And that’s why we believe that logotype will continue to make waves this 2016.

Custom Typeface in Logos.


Custom typeface was a major hit in 2015 and will continue to win all hearts in 2016. The popularity was spurred on by Google revealing its new logo with custom sans-serif typeface called “Product Sans”. Designhill reveals in its exclusive blog why the custom typeface in Google’s new logo has gone viral and why the trend of custom typeface is catching up the world’s fancy. More and more designers are trying their hands at creating custom typeface. As a result, 2016 will witness more custom typeface than ever before.

Simple is Beautiful.

Some things never change and simplicity is one amongst them. Industry experts have long been saying that logos with simple designs work best when it comes to branding a business. Logos with complex and intricate designs are the ones that are difficult to carry off. And that’s why we’re sure to see simpler logo designs coming to the fore in 2016.

The Potential of Overlapping Elements.


Yet another trend that’s all set to rock the world in 2016 is ‘overlapping trend’. Remember, the main motive of creating a logo is to represent your brand and business effectively and interestingly to catch the attention of people. Whether its an Educational logo, Business logo or a Sports logo it has to be very attractive  and interesting. And one of the best ways to make your logo interesting is to use overlapping design elements. With its three-dimensional feel and dynamic interlock, overlap elements technique makes your logos memorable and interesting in equal measures. We expect that designers will embrace the overlapping technique in 2016 add depth and motion to their logo designs.

Stenciled Typography will Evolve.


The stenciled typography adds a great visual appeal to the logos. The visual hierarchy of stenciled typography adds extra oodles of charm to your  design and make it memorable and endearing. And this realization is pushing a lot of designers to embrace stencil letter forms in their logos. We expect this trend to continue and grow bigger in the year 2016.

So there you have it, our 2016 predictions. At this point, it’s pretty difficult to understand which trend will become the order of the day and which one of them will become extinct like dinosaurs. But we’re sure of one thing: more creativity and awesome will dominate the graphic design arena in the time to come. May we see better and beautiful designs from 2016.

Do you agree with these predictions? I love the flat design and low poly logo’s whats your favourite?

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  1. Colorgraphicz

    Completely agree with “LOGOTYPE IS HERE TO STAY.” and “SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL.”


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